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 " My husband and I were married by Sal at The Riverview in Simsbury, CT. Sal was incredible! We had several wedding guests say how much they loved the ceremony. He put everyone, including us, at ease from start to finish. He also provided the sound equipment so everyone could hear the service. He was wonderful to work with and during rehearsal made sure to show each person where they should stand and what to do. We couldn't have asked for a better ceremony!

Mackenzie & David  Simsbury, Ct.





State residency is NOT required to get married in CT and no blood tests are needed, and no witnesses are required and there is no waiting period.

A couple can be married in a few hours –from application to proof of marriage.

A marriage license is required of any couple (including same sex couples) getting married in CT. The license fee is $50


You must get your Marriage License from the Town in which you are getting married in. You will need a valid Photo ID (driver's license or passport). 


A Marriage License is valid for 65 days

(You must get married within 65 days of applying for your license.) 


Both parties must sign the Marriage License and take an oath in the presence of the Town Clerk or Assistant Town Clerk. A couple may come in together or individually. 


The Marriage License will be issued as soon as all of the necessary information has been furnished. Plan on spending about 20 minutes in the Town Clerk's Office. Some towns require that you return next day or later for your license.


Hours tend to be 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 in some towns- Monday through Friday.. Often no appointment is necessary, but call ahead to be sure. Please apply for your Marriage License by 3:00 p.m. so that there is no rush at the end of the day. 

There are some towns/cities that want the name, address, and telephone number of the person(OFFICIANT) performing the ceremony for you.  Sal's name and address is on every email and on this website.


You both will have to provide your first name, middle name and last name. Also, you must provide your address and education, birth date, place of birth & marital status. 


Your parent's names (with mother's maiden name) and their place of birth.


If you choose me as your officiant: you may need to have this information for your wedding license application. 


Salvatore Fiore(JP)

11 Grove Road


860 729-2808

Sal @ 


You need to bring the wedding license to the wedding or at rehearsal if you have one.  


After the wedding, I will submit or take the completed signed license to the town hall to have it registered. 


You can get a certified copy of your wedding license from the town clerk. Check for pricing at the Town Clerk,s office. I also would check with the Town Clerk to see if you can prepay for a copy. It usually is $20 per copy


The rules for obtaining and filing marriage licenses changed effective Oct. 1, 2003. 


NO witnesses are required. My signature on your license is all that is required to legalize your marriage. 


The couple must appear (separately or together) at the Town Clerk's office to apply for the license. 





Obtaining the Marriage License

Kyle and Katie Noddin

There are not enough positive words in the dictionary that will fully and accurately portray our gratitude and overall extremely fulfilling experience with Sal.  Sal is incredibly well-versed in providing a memorable and customized ceremony that is truly unique to the couples he is working with.   When the day actually came around, Sal put my husband at ease and facilitated the ceremony so beautifully. He is incredibly well-spoken and has so much passion in his voice and his love for what he does just radiates throughout the crowd. My husband and I keep saying how we wish we could do the ceremony all over again just so that we can hear Sal speak and spend some more time with him! A 5-star rating doesn't do justice for how happy we are with Sal and how memorable he made our day. Thank you, Sal, from the bottom of our hearts. You are an amazing person and we will never forget

Ben & Stephanie     Eolia Mansion Waterford, Ct.

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